General Rules & Hunting Regulations

1. All Non-Fort Peck Tribal members hunting within the boundaries of the reservation must possess a valid Conservation License and appropriate stamp.

2. No person shall pursue, shoot, kill, take, or attempt take any wildlife between one-half (1/2) hour after sunset of one (1) day and one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise of the next day.

3. Trespass – You may not hunt or fish on private, fee, deeded, or allotted land within the boundaries of the reservation without permission from the land owner.

4. No shooting within 500 yards of any occupied building without the consent of the person occupying such building.

5. Leave gates closed for livestock purposes.

6. Littering – Pack in, pack out, don’t litter the area you are hunting or fishing.

7. Every person while hunting or accompanying someone hunting shall wear an outer garment containing a quantity of daylight flourescent orabge sufficient to be easily detectable by other hunters.

8. No hunting of varmints or fur bearing animals.


All sportsment are required to stop as directed by the Tribal Conservation Officer of the Fort Peck Tribes on their way back from hunting areas, even if they possess no birds when checked.

Upland Game Birds

1. Game birds being transported must have one leg or head, or sufficient plumage attached to allow identification of the species.

2. Road hunting prohibited – Small game, pheasants, and waterfowl cannot be taken on or from a road or right-of-way of an improved road or highway within the boundaries of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

3. No person may refuse inspection and counts of wildlife. Any motor vehicle, camper, and trailer may be stopped for such inspection and count.

4. No shooting of hawks, owls, or eagles.

Hunters are NOT required to purchase a Montana License in order to hunt on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

A federal waterfowl stamp must accompany all tribal waterfowl permits. If a license is lost contact the vendor you bought it from, and fill out a duplicate lost form.